VAT Management

We can handle VAT matters on your behalf, from preparing your returns and advising on specialist areas to talking you through tax treatment for individual transactions.

VAT Management
“VAT will be a simple tax on the supply of goods and services”

Anthony Barber MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1972

With impeccable comedy timing, VAT was introduced on April Fool’s Day 1973. But managing VAT is no laughing matter - and it didn't turn out to be that simple either. It's a serious business for your business and we're here to help you get it right. 

How can we help?

We'll handle the registration process for you and advise you on the following schemes where appropriate:

  • Flat-rate scheme
  • Margin schemes
  • Cash accounting scheme
  • Retail schemes
  • Annual accounting scheme
  • Group registration.

We can handle all aspects of VAT return preparation and the VAT treatment of individual transactions.

As experts in VAT, we can also guide you through more specialist areas, such as:

  • VAT rules for property and construction
  • transfer of a business as a going concern 
  • the capital goods scheme for the purchase of larger assets
  • partial exemption rules when you make both taxable and exempt supplies
  • place of supply rules when you sell goods and services abroad
  • electronically supplied services.

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