Tax investigations

Facing a tax investigation is never easy, but with years of experience in dealing with HMRC, our expert team has the skills and know-how to be a strong, effective advocate for your business.

Tax investigations
“In Hounslow this evening, a mad dog bit an income tax inspector. After being given injections and treatment for shock, the dog has been allowed to go home” - Ronnie Corbett

Tax investigations can be stressful and, just like that dog, any irregularities uncovered by HMRC can come back to bite you. We're here to take the pain out of the process by dealing with HMRC on your behalf.

HMRC typically selects businesses for investigation based on computerised “risk assessment” of entries on tax returns and accounts. But investigations can also be randomly selected or they can be triggered by information received from a third party.

HMRC investigations can take various forms, including:

  • full or aspect Self-Assessment enquiries
  • PAYE/VAT compliance visits
  • employment status enquiries
  • specialist investigations.

How can we help?

Our team has decades of experience of dealing with HMRC at local and national level and we have the skills to discuss and resolve technical issues. That means we're perfectly placed to:

  • help ensure that the case is dealt with as promptly and as efficiently as possible
  • keep you up to date with progress from start to finish
  • provide estimates of any additional tax that might be due, including interest and any likely penalties
  • work with HMRC to keep any settlement to a minimum.

Fee protection service

The professional fees for handling a tax investigation can be expensive, so subscribing to our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection service for a modest charge can make sense.  

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